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Penis Enlargement Forum elligent, not only has access to Penis Enlargement Forum the business path, but also revitalizes the family business, and knows the book, and has a lot of contacts with the world. For a Penis Enlargement Forum long time Penis Enlargement Forum for business travel, Su Shi traveled around the world to see more and more knowledge, deeply feel that the living methods of Luoyang people are no different from living coffins, and. far from the world. He wanted to Penis Enlargement Forum change his living method, Penis Enlargement Forum live freely and freely, and he made his own ingenuity and did it step by step. In the first step, he privately bought a national ridiculous hundred acres of abandoned land outside Luoyang City, and built a After half a year, the Luoyang official office actually asked no one to ask him about the crime of private phase Yitian. Su Shi s courage was big, and he saw the royal government s innocent people, and they sought private consultations with the nationals who could not cultivate the wilderness, and bought the private fields in their mine fields piece by piece. After more than ten years of hard work, he gradually bought more

than 2,000 acres of grain land After buying the field. he did not work hard. can you actually make your penis bigger Every time he collects, he buy workers paying the farmers who live in the countryside, let them help them Penis Enlargement Forum harvest. The peasant of Luoyang Wangshuo is a national lia , that is, a slave of the government, and is only under Penis Enlargement Forum the jurisdiction of the Penis Enlargement Forum government. The royal family trembled all day to prepare for the war, and the slack of slavery was Penis Enlargement Forum almost laissez faire as long as he did not flee, he was a good farmer. Who would still supervise what is organic erectile dysfunction your farming So Su Shi libido airbag had an how to increase your girlfriends libido inexhaustible labor force, and he was very eager to Penis Enlargement Forum work for Su Zhuang. The business road is good, the land harvest is Penis Enlargement Forum good, and the Su family is flourishing. Su Zhuang continued to expand, and Sujia became the Penis Enlargement Forum only Chinese who had a rich field outside Luo. yang. However, these are not the final plans of Su Shi. His great ambition is to change the court door, so that the Su family can be liberated from the sexual health townsville identity of generations of merchants and become a family of scholars and nobles. Althou

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gh the merchants are no longer openly despised in the Warring States, but in the eyes of the official and the world, they are ultimately the villains. In his own business contacts, Su Shi has a painful understanding of this identity difference. A Penis Enlargement Forum merchant, don t say that there is a difference between the prince and the prince of Penis Enlargement Forum the high Penis Enlargement Forum car squad. Even the poor and the ordinary Chinese farmers often disdain with the merchants. One year, Su Shi went to Wei Guo an to Penis Enlargement Forum purchase silk. I don t know that the di. tch has not infiltrated, and Anzhen official city has to expel him from Luoyang. Su Shi s anger and disagreement made him ruling in the uncle s office. The uncle s official voice was quite good, and Su Shi s ruling on the prime minister s ruling was full of hope. Who knows that when he enters the government, the official city has a small sigh of anger, and Su Shi is waiting in the courtyard by Penis Enlargement Forum the government, and strictly forbids to Penis Enlargement Forum walk and peep In the cold winter of the north wind, Su Shi stood for an hour, frozen and stiff, a

nd could not stand in the shelter under the gallery, let alone the living room to warm. Penis Enlargement Forum At that time, he shed tears of humiliation and secretly vowed Penis Enlargement Forum to God that he must let his son become Penis Enlargement Forum an official, never to be s. uch a rich and awkward businessman Later, Su Shi had four sons. After careful examination, he asked Su Chang, Penis Enlargement Forum the eldest son of mediocrity, to do business with himself, and sent the three young sons of the smart and beautiful show to study. He set the rules for the three sons to study If you can t change into a home remedies for libido name, you can t enter the Su s Ancestral Penis Enlargement Forum Hall after death Su s move is a silent notice. Some people in male penis enlargement pills Wang Shuo were ridiculed. Some people were amazed. Some people were Penis Enlargement Forum envious and passed on by the wind. They became a how to make penis get bigger momentary story. Can the fate of the Su family change It has become a mystery to the people of Luoyang. However, without waiting sexual health clinic ilford for a lot of young people, Luoyang people looked at cobra sex pills Penis Enlargement Forum Su Shi s eyes the three sons of Su. s family were all extraordinary in learning, and became a famous man in Luoyang

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